Direct Response


We offer 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s, 90s and 120s unit lengths available in all dayparts.



EM                                       6am – 9am

AM                                       9am – 12pm

DAY                                     12pm – 4pm

FRINGE                                4pm – 7pm

PRIME                                  7pm – 12am

LATE NIGHT                         12am – 3am


WEEKEND EM                    6am – 9am

WEEKEND DAY                  9am – 2pm

WEEKEND FRINGE             2pm – 7pm

WEEKEND PRIME              7pm – 12am

WEEKEND LATE NIGHT     12am – 3am



DAY                                     6am – 4pm

FRINGE                                4pm – 7pm

PRIME                                  7pm – 1am

LATE NIGHT                         1am – 6am


WEEKEND DAY                    6am – 12pm

WEEKEND FRINGE               12pm – 7pm

WEEKEND PRIME                 7pm – 1am

WEEKEND LATE NIGHT        1am – 6am


Paid Programming

Paid programming runs Monday-Sunday 3am – 6am on Up and Monday-Sunday 1am – 6am on Aspire. Requires CIA.

2 week cancellation policy

Non-Preemptable Category

Units are guaranteed to clear based on a pre-negotiated rate.

Post and Pre Log Policy

Prelogs are sent by request only. Post logs are sent automatically every Tuesday.

Credit Application

Please click for a PDF of the credit application

All first time UP advertisers must fill out a credit application in order to acquire credit terms with our network. This application will be reviewed by our accounting department & applicants must allow 5-7 business days for this process to be completed. Additionally, all new advertisers will be asked to submit client contact information for client verification only. Clients will not be contacted directly. If you are denied credit terms, advertisers must pay cash in advance (CIA) in order to air on UP.

For questions regarding Credit Applications, please contact:

Angelena Joseph

Sales Contact Information

Bridget Agosti
Senior Director, Direct Response & Paid Programming
[email protected]

Tarra Bathurst
Director, Direct Response & Paid Programming
[email protected]